Rep. Rick Boucher expresses opposition to public option because it would be ‘very popular.’

boucherEarlier this week, Democrat Rick Boucher (VA) held a health care town hall in Dublin, VA. To his credit, Boucher informed the crowd that “the public option is not socialized medicine,” a statement that elicited boos and jeers from the audience. Boucher said he is a skeptic of the public option because he’s concerned it will be too popular:

“I have a problem with this government option plan,” Boucher said. “I’m troubled that the government option plan could become very popular and if it became sufficiently popular it could begin to crowd out the other” private insurance companies.

But, Boucher “voiced support” for Sen. Kent Conrad’s (D-ND) proposal to create health care co-ops. He said “having co-ops competing in the market would offer a check on the insurance companies, similar to the purpose behind the government option.” So, Boucher is supportive of a check on insurance companies, as long as it’s not a powerful one.