Michael Steele Offers Advice To Obama: ‘You’ve Got The Votes, Mr. President. Pass The Bill!’

Yesterday, RNC Chairman Michael Steele attended a roundtable discussion on health care in Little Rock, AR. Mustering as much bravado as he could, Steele dared President Obama and Democrats to pass health care reform through budget reconciliation. “Get it to the floor — up or down, baby,” Steele said as he pounded the desk. “Put it on the table.”

Steele then denied that Republicans have been an obstacle to passing health reform:

Don’t come up in my face talking about, I’m an obstacle, and we’re blocking this process. You got the votes, Mr. President. Pass the bill!

Steele suggested Democrats would be wary of passing the bill because “they know it’s poisonous and they know the American people will not tolerate it.” Watch it:

Steele seems willing to make a political bet that the number of crazed, angry protesters who don’t want to see health care reform passed outnumber those who do. The polling, of course, indicates the American public is overwhelmingly supportive of Obama’s plan.

If Steele is being sincere about his tough talk, then he shouldn’t object if and when Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) decides to push health care through the budget reconciliation process.


Last month, Steele told Sean Hannity, “The Democrats control the entire power structure of the federal government. If you want health care, get the votes. Do it!”

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