Bachmann: Democrats are trying to ‘sabotage’ me because they’re afraid I’ll be the first woman president.

bachmannpb In a recent interview with WorldNetDaily, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) said that she would be willing to run for president if God asked her to do it. “When I have sensed that the Lord is calling me to do something, I’ve said yes to it,” she said. On Mike Gallagher’s radio program yesterday, Bachmann again dropped hints that she might want to run for president, saying that Democrats are attacking her because she’s such a threat:

BACHMANN: Also with women politicians, they want to make sure no women, no woman becomes president before a Democrat woman, and so they’re doing everything they can to, I think, sabotage women like Sarah Palin, perhaps women like myself, or similarly situated women, to make sure that we don’t have a prominent national voice. But the thing is, the people in our country, they don’t care who the voice is, they just want someone, they want to know that someone is speaking out for them against what will certainly bring about the destruction of our great country if we continue to go down the Obama path.

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