Palin signs onto Kristol letter attacking ‘defeatism’ about the war in Afghanistan.

As the Obama administration debates whether to send more troops to Afghanistan, recent polling has shown that support for the war by the American people is at an all-time low. In an effort to push the White House to “fully resource” the war in Afghanistan, the new incarnation of the Project For A New American Century — Bill Kristol’s Foreign Policy Initiative — has written a letter to Obama that features the signatures of conservative luminaries such as Karl Rove, McCain adviser Randy Scheunemann, and Sarah Palin:

palinpicSince the announcement of your administration’s new strategy, we have been troubled by calls for a drawdown of American forces in Afghanistan and a growing sense of defeatism about the war. With General McChrystal expected to request additional troops later this month, we urge you to continue on the path you have taken thus far and give our commanders on the ground the forces they need to implement a successful counterinsurgency strategy. There is no middle course. Incrementally committing fewer troops than required would be a grave mistake and may well lead to American defeat. We will not support half-measures that repeat the errors of the past.

Palin’s inclusion on the list shouldn’t be surprising, considering that during her time as Sen. John McCain’s running mate, neocons considered her a “blank page” and a “project” for them to mold into a messenger for their cause.


The National Security Network remarks: “With zero credibility, neocons discover Afghanistan.”

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