Activists protest decision by University of Wyoming to name international students center after Dick Cheney.

A decision by the University of Wyoming to name a center for international students after former Vice President Dick Cheney is “stirring conflict and protest in an otherwise conservative state.” Protesters have voiced concerns that Cheney’s support for the Iraq war and torture should “disqualify him from that distinction”:

cheneys“We feel that by naming it the Cheney International Center, that the programs and UW can’t avoid being identified with that ideology and that approach to global politics that the Bush-Cheney administration championed,” [Suzanne] Pelican said Tuesday. […]

“Mr. Cheney is not the best example of demonstrating how nations should get along with each other,” said [Nancy] Sindelar, who is retired. “Putting his name on an international center is counterintuitive.”

Cheney and wife Lynne are expected to attend a dedication tomorrow of the new Cheney International Center (CIC) (we think that’s pronounced “sick”). The center is funded in part with $3.2 million the Cheneys donated to the university.