Fox News scrubs ‘death threats’ out of hyped story on school kids singing about Obama.

For the past two days, conservative blogs and Fox News have been hyping an old YouTube video showing New Jersey schoolchildren singing a song about President Obama during Black History Month, calling it “indoctrination.” When Fox’s website initially posted on the story, it reported that the “school was placed temporarily on lockdown after its principal received death threats.” But as Raw Story’s Stephen Webster points out, the Fox story has changed, removing not only references to death threats, but also comments from a parent who “took an opinion contrary to others expressing outrage.” Thus far, Webster has been unable to confirm the threats and writes that he will be following up his inquiry, trying to answer the following questions:

Who edited this piece? Why was FoxNews.com writer Cristina Corbin’s credit removed? Did the principal really receive death threats, or was that inclusion in the second paragraph erroneous? And perhaps most important, why would an allegedly “fair and balanced” media organization censor highly relevant comments offering a contrasting opinion?

(HT: Eric Boehlert)


Webster has updated his story, saying that Fox has restored much of the original language. He adds that the school denied to him that it was ever on “lockdown” and that Public Safety Director Walt Corter told The Burlington County Times that claims of “death threats” were unsubstantiated.

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