McCain laughs at Imus joke comparing President Obama to 9/11.

On Monday, during his Fox Business Network debut, Don Imus hosted Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), who tweeted that it was “great to be back on with Don Imus again.” Contemplating the prospects for Imus’ return to boost the Fox network, the Daily Beast’s Lloyd Grove writes today about an exchange between Imus and McCain, in which McCain laughed at an Imus joke comparing President Obama to the 9/11 attacks:

“Ha ha,” she added dryly, when I told her that Imus, in a discussion with another first-day guest, Sen. John McCain, repeated a “joke” that after 9/11 “President Obama was the second attack on America.” (McCain, on the phone, laughed more heartily.)

After McCain laughed at the joke, Imus attempted to distance himself from the comparison, calling it “an idiotic thing to say.” Watch it:


MCCAIN: Well, you’ve got to hand it to our law enforcement and homeland security people that they’ve been finding out about these plots, several of them before they’ve been able to act. I think we ought to give them some credit. And maybe we might give George Bush a little credit for the fact that we’ve not had another attack on the United States since 9/11. We blame him for everything else. Hahahaha

IMUS: Somebody told me, somebody told me off the record — well, they didn’t tell me off the record. They just, I just couldn’t use their name, but they said — we’re talking about why there’d been no second attack — and they said they thought President Obama was the second attack.


IMUS: That was an idiotic thing to say.