Liz Cheney undercuts her own excuse for not joining sister Mary’s new political consultancy shop.

Last week, the Washington Post reported that one of former Vice President Dick Cheney’s daughters, Mary, was “leaving the political consulting firm Navigators Global to start her own consulting company.” Though one of Mary’s friends told the Post that Mary’s dad and her sister, Liz, would be joining her, a spokeswoman for the family said “Liz is not involved” because “she is spending all of her time helping Vice President Cheney write his book.” But the claim that Liz Cheney is too busy with the book to take on other projects was undermined today with the launch of her new non-profit group, Keep America Safe. Politico reports:

cheneygirlsFormer Vice President Dick Cheney’s eldest daughter Liz will launch a new group aimed at rallying opposition to the “radical” foreign policy of the Obama administration which it says has succeeded only in undermining the nation’s security.

The new group, Keep America Safe, will make the case against President Barack Obama’s moves to wrench America away from Bush era foreign policy on issues from detaining alleged terrorists at Guantanamo Bay to building a missile shield in Eastern Europe.

“The policies being proposed by the Obama administration are so radical across the board,” Cheney said. “Whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat, you want the nation to be strong and so many steps this president is taking are making the nation weaker.”

Along with Cheney, Keep America Safe’s board features Weekly Standard editor William Kristol and Debra Burlingame, whose husband was killed in 9/11. The project is being helped by a number of former McCain campaign aides, including blogger Michael Goldfarb, war room chief Aaron Harison and video producer Justin Germany.