Beck Escalates Feud With Lindsey Graham: ‘I’m Going To Stick With The Angry People’

Glenn Beck escalated his feud with Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) on his Fox News show today. Recall, Graham has previously dismissed Beck as an entertainer who is “aligned with cynicism.” “Only in America can you make that much money crying,” Graham said of Beck. When Beck responded by saying Graham’s criticism was the “highest honor” he’s ever received, Graham reiterated his view that Beck “doesn’t represent the Republican Party.”

Today, Beck opened his show with a diatribe against Graham. Castigating the South Carolina Republican for saying that “we’re not going to be a party of angry white guys,” Beck retorted, “You gotta ask yourself, is the problem the angry white guys or is it the Obama-lite guys?” “Lindsey Graham, come on man, come on seriously, that’s it?” Beck continued. “Obama-lite! … It’s corrupt politicians that have been there too long telling us these things.”

As is his routine, Beck employed some bizarre props and metaphors to highlight his point. Today, he likened Lindsey Graham to a Diet Coke version of the real Coke and a non-alcoholic version of beer. “I’m drinking alcohol for the buzz,” Beck said, explaining that most consumers want the “real thing” and not a fake substitute. After meandering through his comedy performance, Beck concluded that he doesn’t want to be associated with a Republican Party if it includes Graham:

So thanks for the invite Lindsey, I appreciate it. Thanks for the gumball Mickey. And thanks for the hope and change, Barack. But I think I’m going to stick with the angry people over there. Because they’re only angry about you.

Watch it:

Beck also noted Arlen Specter, Tim Pawlenty, and John McCain as “Obama-lite” politicians that conservatives should reject.


Today, Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN), the chairman of the House Republican Conference, defended Glenn Beck’s influence over the Republican Party. It’s “hogwash” to say Beck and Rush Limbaugh are only speaking for a small number of Americans, Pence said. He added, “So to my friends in the so-called ‘mainstream media’ I say, ‘conservative talk show hosts may not speak for everybody but they speak for more Americans than you do.’”

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