Hoekstra campaigns against detention facility that Michiganders actually want.

bilde-12Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-MI), who is currently running for governor, has been fighting the Obama administration over its plans to close Guantanamo Bay. The Michigan Republican, who believes waterboarding is legal, is concerned that terrorism suspects from Guantanamo “could be moved to Michigan.” Indeed, it has been rumored that the administration is considering moving some detainees to a maximum security facility in Standish, MI which is slated to shut down at the end of October. As Hoekstra raises unwarranted fears about the U.S.’s ability to maintain a secure facility, the residents of Standish aren’t buying it. The Standish City Council voted 6-0 this week in support of a resolution telling the administration to relocate detainees to their prison facility:

Mayor pro-tem and council member Jerry Nelson, who wrote the resolution, said its purpose was to signal to the federal government his town’s readiness to continue discussing the possibility of transferring prisoners — whether state, federal or international — to Standish.

“We’re leaving all doors open; we don’t want to take the Gitmo option away,” Nelson told POLITICO. “This letter says we’re open to anything that keeps the prison running: It could be a federal prison for Gitmo detainees, it could house prisoners from other states, it could be sold to private ownership. We’re keeping all options on the table.”

The residents of Standish want to protect against “the loss of the 350 jobs provided by the prison.”