Anti-choice activists attempt to subvert eBay efforts to prevent Roeder auction.

An online auction to raise money for the defense fund of Scott Roeder, the accused murder of Dr. George Tiller, launched last night on eBay despite the company’s pledge to prevent it. Late last week, eBay announced that the planned auction violated its policy toward offensive materials which “does not permit listings that benefit someone charged with or convicted of a crime.” eBay stated that it would “not permit the items in question to be posted to the eBay site,” adding that they would be “removed if they are posted.” But organizers temporarily subverted these restrictions by posting “less contentious” items and using “spellings that make searches difficult.” TPMMuckraker posted a slideshow of the items Roeder’s supporters planned to auction, but now reports that they have been removed from the eBay website.

Ryan Watkins