Cantor Respects Limbaugh’s ‘Conservative Voice,’ But Rejects His Use Of Hitler Comparisons

On Bloomberg’s Political Capital, host Al Hunt asked House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA) whether he agrees with hate radio host Rush Limbaugh’s assertion that “Adolf Hitler, like Barack Obama, also ruled by dictate.” Limbaugh also compared the administration’s health care logo to a swastika.

Cantor hemmed and hawed in response. “Rush Limbaugh, other personalities…have opinions,” he said, emphasizing that the Republican Party is a “party of inclusion” that has room for voices like Limbaugh. But Cantor — the only Jewish Republican member of the House — clarified that he does not condone the use of Hitler “in any discussion of politics” and such comparisons “are not, I think, very helpful.”

Hunt pressed: “So it was inappropriate for Limbaugh to say that?” Cantor responded:

CANTOR: You know, look Al, I think Rush Limbaugh is a conservative voice for America. A lot of the things he says I agree with.

HUNT: But not that?

CANTOR: Right. I don’t condone the use of the word Hitler.

Watch it:

Steve Benen comments, “I suppose Eric Cantor deserves some credit” for his “mild and indirect rebuke. I’m just not sure if he’ll stick to it.” TPM notes that Cantor’s office is trying to highlight his independence from Rush by pointing reporters to the story.

Last week, Cantor’s spokesman said it was “inappropriate” to display a prominent photograph at a GOP rally comparing health care reform to the Nazi concentration camp in Dachau.