Seattle Chamber of Commerce: Unlike the U.S. Chamber, we’re ‘environmentally progressive.’


It is becoming increasingly clear that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the right-wing lobbying giant, is not actually the “voice of business” when it opposes climate action. Yesterday, the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce became the latest organization to distance itself from the national chamber’s reactionary stance on global warming and clean energy legislation. In a policy statement, Chamber President and CEO Phil Bussey said, “The Greater Seattle Chamber is one of the most environmentally progressive business organizations on the West Coast”:

In short, we are the “captains of our own destiny” and our positions are not dictated by the U.S. Chamber on this or any other matter.

“The incident,” the Puget Sound Business Journal writes, “again underscores the fact that the business community, far from being monolithic, is just as politically diverse as the rest of the country.”


On Twitter, the Boulder (CO) Chamber of Commerce is asking people to join the American Rights at Work “Not My Chamber” petition:

petition @chamberpost: The US #Chamber does not represent me. It is Not My #Chamber! http://act.ly/1cc #notmychamber #p2

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,Susan Graf, the president of the Boulder Chamber of Commerce, makes it clear they want nothing to do with the U.S. Chamber:

The Boulder Chamber is completely unaffiliated with the U.S. Chamber. They are a membership association and we have chosen not to be a member. . . . We are committed to Boulder’s environmental, economic and social sustainability. As is appropriate, the Boulder Chamber reflects the community values in which we live, work and play.

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