Huckabee Shies Away From Criticizing Limbaugh, Citing Fear Of His Big Microphone

Last month, President Obama visited Dover Air Force Base to honor 18 soldiers killed in Afghanistan. One family allowed the media to photograph the return of their fallen member. Soon after, the right wing went straight into attack mode. “It was a photo op precisely because he’s having big-time trouble on this whole Afghanistan dithering situation,” hate radio host Rush Limbaugh said.

But Mike Huckabee took a different tack, calling the right-wing attacks “deplorable.” “I think it was the Commander-in-Chief of our military paying respect to a dead soldier, and I’m grateful that he did that, and I was proud of him for doing that,” Huckabee said. In a recent interview, CBS’ Katie Couric asked Huckabee if he was criticizing Limbaugh, but Huckabee declined to take the bait:

COURIC: Were you referring to anyone in particular or anyone specific because I know Rush Limbaugh had criticized the day before you made that statement.

HUCKABEE: No one in particular. I wasn’t criticizing Rush. He’s got a bigger megaphone and microphone than I do and I’m not going to get into a war with him. It wasn’t about Rush Limbaugh; it was about the general tenor. I read editorials, I heard people on commentary shows.

Watch it (starting at 31:05):

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Huckabee, a potential GOP candidate for president in 2012, apparently knows the dangers of criticizing the Party’s de-facto leader. Numerous Republicans over the past year — including RNC Chairman Michael Steele — have criticized Limbaugh at one point or another but then came crawling back to apologize.