Palin fuels presidential rumors: ‘I like’ the sound of ‘President Palin.’

Yesterday, Sarah Palin was greeted by a throng of supporters in The Villages, Florida — a retirement community northwest of Orlando. (Glenn Beck visited the same town this past weekend.) There were shouts of “We love you Sarah!” and “We want you to be president!” from the crowd. And Palin did plenty to stoke their hopes:

palinsmile“I addressed her as ‘President Palin,’ ” said Debbie McMillan of Orlando. “She said, ‘I like that very much — I could live with that.'” […]

Sheila Schulte, 54, a resident of The Villages who was wearing a button on a red, white and blue scarf that read “Sarah Palin for President 2012,” leaned over and thanked Palin for serving as a great inspiration.

Palin responded, “You’re welcome and I like your pin.”

During her brief remarks, Palin encouraged the crowd to buy her new book. “You can read my story thus far — unfiltered by the media!” Aside from an interview with Fox News, Palin “took no questions” from the media.