CNBC Says Dobbs Will Not Be Hired, Dobbs Denies Talks With Network Took Place

Yesterday, the New York Times reported that former CNN anchor Lou Dobbs held talks with CNBC and raised speculation that Dobbs might be hired as a commentator by the business news network. A CNBC spokesperson has now affirmed that Dobbs will not be hired by the network. The New York Times Mediadecoder reports:

The business news network said Tuesday evening that it was no longer talking to Mr. Dobbs, the former CNN anchor, about a potential job.

The statement came after The New York Times reported on Tuesday morning that Mr. Dobbs had “held talks with the business news network CNBC in recent weeks.” A network spokesman did not deny the report about the talks, but said: “We are not in talks or negotiating with Lou Dobbs. He is not going to work for CNBC.”

This morning, in an interview with Don Imus on Fox Business Network, Dobbs denied ever talking to CNBC:

IMUS: So I read in the paper that you’re going to CNBC, that can’t possibly be true. Is it?

DOBBS: I have no idea where they even got that. I am sitting her in Florida at our vacation home, thinking about what I’m going to be doing.

IMUS: Did you talk to anybody at CNBC?

DOBBS: Absolutely not, absolutely not.

Watch it:

However, Dobbs did admit to Imus that he talked to Fox News president Roger Ailes. Dobbs stated that Fox News did not offer him a job, but that he would “consider” working there if they did. He added that he would also “consider being President of the United States” amidst widespread reports that Dobbs is contemplating either launching a 2012 presidential campaign or a senatorial run against Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ).