Hundreds of New Yorkers rally in Times Square for marriage equality.

Progressives were outraged and dismayed by yesterday’s defeat of same-sex marriage legislation in the New York State Senate. Bill sponsor Sen. Tom Duane (D) said he felt “betrayed” by the lawmakers who had promised to vote for marriage equality but then backed down, and Gov. David Paterson (D) promised to “redouble our efforts.” Yesterday night, hundreds of marriage equality supporters gathered in Times Square to protest the defeat of the bill. Blabbeando reports, “Most of the anger seemed directed at the 8 Democrats who voted against the bill with the crowd chanting ‘Vote them out! Vote them out!’” Some photos of the event:

Protest in Times Square

There’s another rally scheduled for 6:00 p.m. tonight in Union Square in New York. (Top two photos by Andrés Duque, bottom two by Joe.My.God)