Tom Tancredo Will Not Run For Colorado Governor

Despite never officially announcing a run for the Colorado governorship, former congressman and presidential candidate Tom Tancredo (R-CO) indicated in early November that he “fully intend[s] to run.” Earlier this week, former 2008 GOP delegate and Tom Tancredo supporter Crista Huff sent a message to the “Tom Tancredo for Governor” private Facebook group indicating that Tancredo will not be running for governor of Colorado and has instead launched a new project called the American Legacy Alliance:


When contacted by ThinkProgress, Huff stated, “I can’t divulge original sources, but I’m sure it’s also on google.” She declined giving an official statement confirming Tancredo’s decision.

A Google search did reveal that Tancredo quietly stepped down from his unofficial run for Colorado governor last week. Tancredo joined Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott McInnis, former governor Bill Owens and former gubernatorial Josh Penry in uniting behind a set of conservative Republican principles referred to as the “Platform for Prosperity.” The Grand Junction Journal more ambiguously reported that Tancredo “declined to endorse himself” as a candidate for Colorado government.

Tancredo now appears to be dedicating his efforts to the American Legacy Alliance, putting a gun question on 2010 Colorado ballots, and campaigning against the state’s hate crime laws.

In 2008, Huff proclaimed that her “dream ticket” for President would be Tom Tancredo and Jesus Christ.


The Denver Post reports that Tancredo filed a 2010 ballot proposal today that would force every Colorado business to verify the immigration status of new hires using the federal government’s currently voluntary online E-Verify Program. State Rep. Edward Casso (D) said the proposal “does nothing but inspire a racist agenda.”

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