Brownie’s new heckuva job: teaching law school.

Michael Brown with President Bush On Friday, the University of Denver law school announced the newest addition to its faculty: disgraced former FEMA administrator Michael Brown, forever remembered for doing a “heckuva” (i.e. incompetent) job during Hurricane Katrina. This spring, Brown will be teaching students about the Patriot Act. A description of the course:

The USA PATRIOT Act passed by Congress after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, has been controversial in legal circles, political debates and the media since its passage. The Act created new crimes, new penalties and new procedural rules for use against domestic and foreign terrorists. Despite having safeguards, critics contend some provisions go too far while others contend they do not go far enough. The Act is up for reauthorization and this class is focused on the current status of the Act, its revisions and the legal and policy debate as Congress considers its reauthorization in 2010.

Fred Cheever, the associate dean of academic affairs at the law school, told TPMmuckraker than Brown reached out to the school about teaching the course. Cheever said the school was attracted by Brown’s “extensive experience in government.” (HT: Above the Law)