Rep. Rohrabacher on Copenhagen: ‘This is about global government. … We must fight the globalist clique!’

Last night, House members took to the floor to call attention to the threat of catastrophic climate change. However, a group of right-wing congressmen stormed the floor in response and delivered speeches denying the existence of global warming, attacking the science as phony, and heralding a set of hacked e-mails as their proof. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) — who believes that if global warming exists, it has been caused by “dinosauer flatulence” — provided the most comical attack. Rohrbacher called upon Americans to get “angry” and “fight the globalist clique” of “globalists” and “radical environmentalists” who are trying to “shackle generations of Americans”:

ROHRABACHER: Copenhagen may well lay the foundations for the future that the globalists who are pushing this agenda envision for us. […] What the Copenhagen crowd would mandate and can be traced back to the same alliance between our own radical environmentalists and the global elite. […] This is about centralizing power into the hands of global government, that’s what Kyoto and Copenhagen are all about, that’s what the globalist alliance is all about. […]

We must fight the globalist clique that is trying to shackle generations of Americans. … Members of Congress need to hear from angry constituents, and I predict they will.

Watch a compilation:

Amazingly, Rohrabacher managed to sound almost identical to crazed right-wing conspiracy huckster Alex Jones. Jones provides daily rants to his Internet and radio listeners filled with far out theories on how vaccines, community service programs, health reform (which he terms as a “eugenics control grid”), and cap and trade are all diabolical examples of how a global government is secretly working to take over the country. Indeed, Rohrabacher has also peddled fringe conspiracies about the Oklahoma City bombing — just as Jones has been a leader in claiming that Bill Clinton planned the bombing.