Right-wing activists demand that Rep. Perriello move office to make protesting him easier.

peirello2 One of the members of Congress most targeted by the tea party movement and other far-right political actors has been Rep. Tom Perriello (D-VA). Last month, tea party demonstrators even threatened to burn Perriello in effigy, citing his support for health care legislation that recently passed the House of Representatives. Now, tea party demonstrators and the University of Virginia College Republicans have enlisted the help of a Christian civil liberties organization to make the demand that Perriello move his office so that protesters will no longer have their ability to protest him be “hindered“:

A Christian civil liberties organization on Thursday asked centrist Rep. Tom Perriello (D-Va.) to move his district office to a location more favorable to protesters.

The Rutherford Institute, which was founded by conservative constitutional lawyer John W. Whitehead, penned a letter to the freshman Perriello citing the concerns of a local tea party group and the University of Virginia College Republicans that the location of his Charlottesville office interferes with their right to protest there.

“Unfortunately, it is your choice of office location that has hindered the ability of citizens to effectively communicate concerning issues of the utmost importance to you, Congress and the people of the Commonwealth of Virginia,” wrote Whitehead.

“The First Amendment clearly guarantees individuals the right to speak out publicly and address their government representatives on the important issues of the day,” Whitehead added.

The congressman’s press secretary told the media that he has no plans to move his office, largely because he has signed a lease to stay in the building until January 2011.