Gingrich’s New Contract With America: ‘Our Commitment Should Be Simple…We’re Repealing’ Health Care

Yesterday, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich stumped for Ethan Hastert, the son of former House Speaker Dennis Hastert and candidate for Illinois’ 14th congressional district. Gingrich, of course, was the architect of the Republicans’ “Contract with America” in 1994 that helped the GOP regain the majority. Now, Gingrich is apparently rallying Republicans behind a new “contract” with Americans — a pledge to take away their health care.

Gingrich reiterated his call for all Republicans to commit to repealing any form of a health care bill that Democrats might pass before the 2010 elections:

GINGRICH: If the left manages to drive through a bill which is opposed by 65 percent of the country on health care, our commitment should be simple — when we get a majority, we’re repealing the whole thing. (applause)

And I want every Democrat who is about to sacrifice their seat for socialized medicine to understand: after you lose your seat, you’re going to lose the socialized medicine too.

Watch it:

Gingrich is just the latest Republican to commit to repealing health reform if it passes. Earlier, Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) pledged to “repeal the disaster.” Also, Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) said, “I’ll be Chairman Joe Barton of the Energy and Commerce Committee, and we’ll repeal it.”

In his speech yesterday, Gingrich also exhorted Republicans to commit to “not implementing Copenhagen [global warming treaty] in its current form under any circumstances.”

He also sprinkled some hyperbolic fear-mongering into his speech. Gingrich said the Democrats’ economic agenda is “going to turn the whole country into Detroit — then we’ll all be uneducated, we’ll all be poor, and we’ll all live in dangerous places.”