Senate Democratic Policy Committee turns to Holtz-Eakin for job creation ideas.

dhe90aThe Senate Democratic Policy Committee (DPC) has announced that, on Wednesday, it “will hold an important hearing on jobs creation.” “This is a terrific opportunity to learn more about the job creation legislation as it is developed,” said the DPC in an email. Earlier this month, House Republicans held a similar job creation roundtable with a lineup full of former Bush administration and McCain staffers, which House Democrats agreed was worth disparaging. So then why are Senate Democrats calling on two of the same people: Larry Lindsey and Douglas Holtz-Eakin? The inclusion of Holtz-Eakin is especially disheartening because, at the GOP event, he said that the single best jobs policy would be ending “crippling regulation” and “intrusive government expansion”:

The single best jobs action that President Obama could take would be to reverse course on a dangerous agenda of debt-financed spending, crippling regulation, expensive mandates, and intrusive government expansion.

This sounds exactly like the economic principles of RNC Chairman Michael Steele. After spending the McCain campaign incorrectly asserting that McCain’s economic plans would balance the budget, Holtz-Eakin has of late been championing the idea that repealing the estate tax will spur job creation, despite the fact that exceedingly few businesses are affected by it. The Wonk Room has more.