Biden: ‘I think’ Lieberman’s ‘judgment is wrong’ on Medicare buy-in.

Last night, Senate Democrats yielded to Sen. Joe Lieberman’s (I-CT) demands and dropped the Medicare buy-in provision from the Senate health care bill after Lieberman flip-flopped on the policy and threatened to filibuster a bill that contained it. On MSNBC’s Morning Joe today, host Joe Scarborough asked Vice President Joe Biden if Lieberman’s positioning was “about spite” and “Democrats turning on him in 2006.” Biden said that he’s learned not to question other people’s motives, but that Lieberman’s “judgment is wrong”:

BIDEN: You know, I honest to God don’t know. What I learned from Mike Mansfield when I first got there, I told you the story, is never question another man’s motive.


BIDEN: Question his judgment. I think Joe’s judgment is wrong on this. But you’ve seen it across the board. You know Joe, you and I both served in the Congress. Great big bill coming up, everybody figures their maximum point of leverage is right before the deal’s made. So, you’ve got everybody lining up out there saying, “if I just am willing to hold out now, I’ll get everything I want.”

Asked about Lieberman’s flip-flop, Biden quipped that “if we held flip-flops against everybody in Congress, we probably wouldn’t have many people there.” He added that he was “confident” Lieberman would ultimately vote for the bill. Watch it: