Marriage equality is now legal in the nation’s capital.

This morning at the All Souls Unitarian church in Washington, DC, approximately 150 activists and same-sex couples congregated to witness marriage equality become law in the nation’s capital. “I say to the world: An era of struggle ends for thousands in Washington, D.C.,” said Mayor Adrian Fenty (D), who also invoked his biracial upbringing and noted that it was illegal for his parents to get married 40 years ago because they were an interracial couple. Several other officials spoke, including David Catania (I), the council member who sponsored the bill. When Fenty signed the bill, he held it over his head and the room erupted in cheers. Watch some highlights from the event:

D.C. is now the sixth state or region in the country where same-sex marriage is legal. The Williams Institute has estimated that this new law could boost D.C.’s economy “by over $52.2 million over three years, which would generate increases in local government tax and fee revenues by $5.4 million and create approximately 700 new jobs.” Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), who sits on a House subcommittee that oversees the district, plans to introduce a bill in Congress in January that would repeal the new ordinance.