‘Conservative of the year’ Dick Cheney denies there have been ‘any results’ from the stimulus.

Today, Human Events named former Vice President Dick Cheney the “conservative of the year,” publishing a laudatory essay on Cheney by former UN ambassador John Bolton. “Cheney knows that the personal attacks on him, as offensive as they are, in reality constitute stark evidence that Obama and his supporters are simply unable to match him in the substantive policy debate,” wrote Bolton. But in an accompanying interview with Human Events Editors Tom Winter and Jed Babbin, Cheney demonstrated that he doesn’t want to actually engage in a “substantive policy debate” by claiming that there haven’t been “any results” from President Obama’s stimulus package:

Dick Cheney is happy about something.Q: And that’s how you would create more jobs?

CHENEY: I would. But you have to work the spending side in terms of trying to wrap up some of the spending that’s going on out there. When you start talking about another ‘stimulus two’ of hundreds of billions of dollars and we haven’t seen any results to speak of, of stimulus one, we can anticipate that the Bush tax cuts that we put in place in ’03 that are going to expire in the end of next year. That is a real tax increase. That is going to happen without Congress having to do anything. It’s going to automatically kick in when those cuts expire. And that affects capital gains and investment income and those are measures that you would clearly not take if you were seriously interested in growing the economy.

Considering that the claim that the stimulus was a a “failure” is regularly thrown around by the right, it’s not surprising that the “conservative of the year” would repeat it. But the fact is that, as the CBO has reported, the stimulus is having its intended effect — creating or saving 600,000 to 1.6 million jobs. Additionally, the CBO found that “gross domestic product (GDP) was 1.2 percent to 3.2 percent higher, than would have been the case in the absence” of the stimulus.