Republicans Revolt Against Tanning Salon Tax: What’s Next? Taxing ‘Anyone Who Goes To The Beach’?

Sen. Harry Reid’s (D-NV) decision to replace the so-called Botox-tax in the Senate health care bill with a 10 percent levy on indoor tanning salons has sparked quite the outrage. Republican lawmakers, appalled at the idea of using spray tans to maintain those artificial orange glows for the C-SPAN cameras, stumbled and stuttered their way through an incoherent critique of the tax, demanding that Democrats “explain” the new fee and joking that that the government could tax “anyone who goes to the beach” or doesn’t wear sunscreen that blocks “everything that the sun might produce.” Victor Zapanta compiled this video:

In part, Republicans are just playing dumb. Over the summer, the International Agency for Research on Cancer “raised their warning of tanning beds from ‘probably carcinogenic to humans’ to ‘carcinogenic to humans,’” concluding that “the ultraviolet light used in tanning beds (as with the sun’s rays) has been shown to raise the risk of skin cancer.” “The report cited the group’s own research analysis published in 2006, finding the use of tanning beds before age 30 to be associated with a 75% increase in melanoma risk.”

Taxing the cancer causing activity would dissuade Americans from sliding under the UV rays, lower national health expenditures and improve quality of life.