Palin rehashes ‘metaphor’ excuse to dodge accountability for the Lie of the Year.

Sarah Palin must be running out of excuses for her gaffes. As ThinkProgress noted earlier this week, the former governor was forced to address her “death panel” lie in the wake of PolitiFact’s designation of her claim as “Lie of the Year.” In an attempt to spin the lie, Palin is now calling the “death panel” claim a “metaphor“:

Though Nancy Pelosi and friends have tried to call “death panels” the “lie of the year,” this type of rationing – what the CBO calls “reduc[ed] access to care” and “diminish[ed] quality of care” – is precisely what I meant when I used that metaphor.

This should sound familiar to those who have been closely following Palin’s year-and-a-half in the spotlight. After Palin made the jaw-dropping claim that Alaska’s proximity to Russia counts as foreign policy experience, the McCain-Palin campaign used the “metaphor” excuse to defend the then-Governor:

A senior campaign aide who agreed to speak on the condition of anonymity admitted that Palin’s knowledge of Russia may be limited to the way someone from Miami might obtain a general feel for Latin America.

“It is very much being able to look off the tip of Alaska,” the aide said. “Metaphorically, I’m talking about.”

Despite how metaphorical, allegorical, or analytical people attempt to make Palin sound, the truth is that her limitless string of gaffes and missteps are simply nonsensical.