Asked if GOP should campaign on repealing health reform, Mitch McConnell refuses to answer.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has marshaled his party to not only oppose health reform in the Senate, but also to obstruct the legislative process all along the way in an attempt to kill the bill. Senate Republicans have delayed legislative proceedings, politicized and filibustered the Defense appropriations bill, and have lied consistently about health reform legislation. But this morning on ABC’s This Week, McConnell was asked repeatedly if he would campaign in future elections on a platform of repealing health reform, and place repealing the legislation at the top of his agenda. McConnell refused to answer, instead saying that he would merely attack the legislation:

TAPPER: Do you think that Republicans running for Senate in 2010 should run on a platform of vowing to repeal the healthcare reform bill should it become law and will that be one of your first items should you regain control of the Senate, repealing what you guys call Obamacare?

MCCONNELL: Well certainly it’s a big problem for them. […]

TAPPER: Respectfully sir, you didn’t answer my question which is, will Republicans campaign on a platform of repealing the health care reform measure and will that be one of the first items in your agenda should you become the new Senate Majority Leader after the 2010 elections?

MCCONNELL: Well, I’m sorry I thought I did answer your question. It’s no question that this bill, if it were to become law, and frankly even if it doesn’t become law, will be a big, if not central issue, not only in the 2010 elections, but in the 2012 elections.

TAPPER: Alright, well I’ll take that as a yes they should campaign on repealing Obamacare.

Watch it:

Later in the program, during the round table, host Jake Tapper noted that he “couldnt really get McConnell to say Republicans should campaign on repealing Obamacare.” While McConnell feels confident lying about the legislation to scare the public into voting in more Republicans, he won’t commit to repealing it. His refusal illustrates the insincerity of his attacks, including the unfounded smear that health reform “may cost you your life.”