GOP congressman praises government health care system that paid for his treatement.

coffmanian One of the most vociferous opponents of a government-run health insurance plan has been Rep. Mike Coffman (R-CO), who has in the past called the legislation that the House of Representatives passed — which would offer a public insurance plan — “a trillion dollar government takeover of health care” and indicative of a “radical liberal agenda that threatens our freedom.” After breaking his ankle Christmas morning and receiving health care, Coffman gleefully told the Denver Post that the health care system”works” — without acknowledging that he is the beneficiary of a large government-run program funded by taxpayers:

Coffman broke his ankle Christmas morning while jogging at Meadow Hills Golf Course with his dog Buckley. The congressman hit an unknown object buried under the snow and fell.

“I successfully tested our health care system,” he said, with a laugh. “It works.” Coffman said he was lucky that his house backs up to the golf course, but getting home was extremely painful. And he said he found it ironic that while limping home, a neighbor stopped to ask about the health care debate in Washington. Coffman and his wife, Cynthia, rushed to an urgent-care center in a strip mall where X-rays showed he had, for the first time in his 54 years, broken a bone. He received a temporary cast and drugs for the pain, and he ponied up his $30 co-pay.

Coffman is part of the Federal Employee Health Benefits plan, which covers millions of federal employees, including every conservative legislator who is against offering a public insurance plan to the rest of America’s citizens. As Mary Winter of Politics Daily points out, Coffman’s bill would have been far higher if he were uninsured like 46 million other Americans. (HT: David Sirota)