Gov. Parnell concedes Palin’s spotlight-seeking has brought ‘some sour’ attention to Alaska.

This morning on CNBC, Gov. Sean Parnell (R-AK), who assumed office after Sarah Palin’s sudden departure to become a professional right-wing partisan, spoke to the hosts of Squawk Box about issues concerning his state. As the leader of an oil-based economy, Parnell chided the Obama administration for seeking to curb the nation’s reliance on fossil fuels. However, during the interview, he said he “gives the President kudos” for supporting the Alaskan natural gas pipeline construction project, an infrastructure effort stalled under then-governor Palin. Asked about the national spotlight Palin has brought Alaska with her conspiracy-fueled tirades and baseless smears against Obama, Parnell conceded that the attention has been “some sour with the sweet”:

QUINTANILLA: I was going to say, do you think she’s bringing attention to Alaska all in a positive way or has there been some sour with the sweet?

PARNELL: You know as well as I do there’s been both. I have the greatest respect for Governor Palin and she’s put Alaska on the map. […]

KERNEN: One of the largest infrastructure projects in history is your pipeline, natural gas pipeline, that would seem like a natural for the stimulus. […]

PARNELL: Well listen I’ll give the President kudos for that one. He says the natural gas pipeline is one of his five green projects.

Watch it:

As the Alaska press has noted, although Parnell ran on a ticket with Palin, he has a markedly different style and character. He is often willing to work with both Democrats and Republican in the legislature, and has shown an interest in advancing social issues. While Palin constantly sought publicitly, Parnell has prided himself on accomplishing goals by working quietly behind the scenes.