On Colbert, Douglass calls Erickson’s false ‘brownshirts’ claim ‘crazy, made-up stuff.’

On Monday, RedState.com editor Erick Erickson defended some of his controversial tweets on The Colbert Report, telling Stephen Colbert that he compared White House health care spokesperson Linda Douglass to Joseph Goebbels because she had been “referring to those people who were opposed to health care as being brownshirts.” As ThinkProgress noted, Douglass never said any such thing. Douglass appeared on Colbert’s show last night to correct Erickson’s lie, calling it “completely false” and “crazy, made-up stuff.” Watch it (about 4:00 in):

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Demonstrating he doesn’t plan on filtering his tweets anytime soon, Erickson wrote today: “Were I king for a day, I’d have had security drag the panty bomber off the plane, interrogate the crap out of him, them put a bullet in him.”

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