Shep Smith hits Robertson’s ‘devil’ comments: The people of Haiti ‘don’t need that’ at a time like this.

Today on his 700 Club broadcast, televangelist Pat Robertson said that the horrific earthquake that hit Haiti was a result of the country’s “pact to the devil” “a long time ago.” This afternoon on Fox News, Shep Smith did a segment on the devastation in the country and played a clip of Robertson’s remarks, which he then sharply condemned:

SMITH: The people of Haiti have been used and abused by their government over the years. They have dealt with unthinkable tragedy day in and day out. And we’re in the middle of a crisis the Western Hemisphere has not seen in my lifetime, and 700 miles east of Miami, hundreds of thousands of desperate human beings need our help, our support, our money, and our love. And they don’t need that.

Watch it: