Imus: Pat Robertson ‘should be put to sleep.’

Yesterday, soon after the devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit much of Haiti, Rush Limbaugh took the opportunity to attack President Obama, saying the White House will “use this to burnish their…credibility with the black community — the both the light-skinned and dark-skinned black community in this country.” But televangelist Pat Robertson took it one step futher, saying the earthquake happened because Haitians “swore a pact with the devil.” Today on his Fox Business show, Don Imus went after Limbaugh. “One would think that you could just wait a few days – Rush – until you know you can run your fat mouth about it then,” he said. But Imus had some particularly harsh words for Robertson:

IMUS: You know, I’m not sure whether sometimes I’m ambivalent about whether I support the death penalty or not. I guess I do if I didn’t have to do it, but in his case, I’d pull the switch on him myself. I mean he should be put to sleep. How does that contribute anything? It’s insanity.

Watch it: