New York Post claims Lou Dobbs will not run for political office.

According to the New York Post, sources close to Lou Dobbs say that, despite publicly toying with the idea, the former CNN anchor will not be running for political office. Since abruptly leaving CNN back in November, a self-proclaimed “wiser Lou Dobbs” emerged, sounding more like a shrewd politician than the outspoken media star he once was. Yet, it turns out Dobbs might be going back to the cable television spotlight:

If Dobbs were going to run in the November elections, he would have had to begin putting together a campaign this month.

“The idea that you think you are the best person of 300 million people to run this nation,” he said about a White House run. “I guarantee you, I don’t think that.”

Unwilling to commit to a political future, he has begun talking with several cable channels, sources close to the anchorman said.

As, of Wednesday, however, Dobbs was still publicly admitting that he was “enamored with the idea” of running for office. Dobbs has already reportedly met with both Fox News and CNBC representatives in the weeks following his departure from CNN to no apparent avail. CNBC announced long ago that it will not be hiring Dobbs and sources also say he is demanding more money than Fox News is willing to pay. In November, the New York Post also reported that CNN essentially paid Dobbs $8 million to leave the network. Since leaving CNN, Dobbs has desperately tried to “bridge” his differences with Latinos — an essential voting block. Though Dobbs has succeeded in “alienating his base,” Latinos remain cautiously skeptical.