Brown wins Massachusetts special election; Coakley concedes.

The press is reporting that Democrat Martha Coakley has called to concede to Republican Scott Brown in the Massachusetts Senate special election. The AP has called the race for Brown, who takes over the Senate seat that “had been held for more than half a century by Edward M. Kennedy or his brother, John F. Kennedy.” The Republican will finish Kennedy’s unexpired term, facing re-election in 2012.


RNC Chairman Michael Steele issued this statement:

Tonight, Scott Brown made history by exceeding all expectations and defeating Martha Coakley in the heart of the Democrat Party’s political stronghold. I extend my sincere congratulations to Scott, the Brown family, and his team on their tremendous come from behind victory to become the first Republican U.S. Senator from Massachusetts in more than 30 years. His message of lower-taxes, smaller government, and fiscal responsibility clearly resonated with independent-minded voters in Massachusetts who were looking for a solution to decades of failed Democrat leadership. There is no doubt in my mind that Scott will provide the representation and leadership they have asked for and deserve.

Now that the people of Massachusetts have made their choice clear, the Senate must move quickly to seat Senator-Elect Brown so that the people have their chosen representative in the Senate as soon as possible. Over the past year, independent voters in Virginia, New Jersey and now Massachusetts have made their voices heard by sending a clear message that they’ve had enough of the binge spending and government-growing agenda coming from Washington – Democrats everywhere are officially on notice.

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,DNC Chairman Tim Kaine released this statement:

It goes without saying that we are disappointed in tonight’s result. There will be plenty of time to dissect this race and to apply the lessons learned from it those to come this fall – but in the meantime we will continue to work tirelessly on behalf of the America people and we will redouble our efforts to lay out a clear choice for voters this November.

I want to thank our state parties and our DNC and Organizing for America staff and volunteers all across the country who have worked tirelessly on this campaign and who will continue to support President Obama and work for the change we all believe is essential to getting our nation moving in the right direction again.

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