Will Scott Brown Stick By Birther Candidate Who Compared Obama To Osama Bin Laden?

Sign in MA comparing President Obama to Osama bin Laden With Scott Brown’s victory in the special Senate election in Massachusetts on Tuesday energizing conservatives in the state, the Boston Globe reports that “several Tea Party activists are now considering candidacies.” Yesterday, Brown endorsed Boxford Republican Bill Hudak’s campaign against Rep. John Tierney (D-MA).

But Brown’s first endorsement might backfire. As Northeastern University journalism professor Dan Kennedy notes, Hudak is a birther who once compared President Obama to Osama bin Laden:

Down the road at 165 Herrick Road, William and Angela Hudak have more of the same anti-Obama signs lined along the front of their property. One large, roughly 6-foot-by-4-foot sign stands back from the road, up against their house, with words – such as socialist, Marxist, and lazy – surrounding the same picture of Obama dressed as Osama Bin Laden. […]

Hudak asserts that Obama was not born in the United States but in Kenya, according to affidavits that he made available to the Tri-Town Transcript. He said that Obama has ties to the Muslim faith through an extremist cousin that is from Kenya.

“There is a lot more going on here than anyone knows,” Hudak said.

Brown has already been criticized for inching towards the birther fringe for speculating in 2008 that then-candidate Obama was born out of wedlock. Brown refused to apologize for his speculation when asked about it by ThinkProgress last week.

In an interview with the Gloucester Daily Times, Hudak said that he and Brown were “very like-minded.” With Hudak’s extreme views exposed, will Brown stand by his endorsement of this birther, whom he claims will help “bring the voice of the people [to] Washington?”

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Dave Weigel posts video of Brown recognizing Hudak at a rally the day before the special election.

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,Brown spokesman Felix Browne tells The Hill that “Neither Scott Brown or anyone connected with his campaign approved that press release before its release or the quote that was attributed to Scott.” “Bill Hudak is an energetic candidate who has been working hard as a candidate for Congress. Right now, Scott Brown is focused on the job that people elected him to do. That’s his number one priority,” said Browne. Hudak’s spokesman responded that “Scott Brown gave his endorsement to Bill Hudak and it’s unfortunate that the people Scott Brown surrounds himself with are backing down from a commitment that their boss already made.”

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