Huckabee: Obama will win re-election.

During an interview with Mike Huckabee last night on Fox News, host Greta Van Susteren said that Republican Scott Brown’s victory in Massachusetts’ U.S. Senate special election this week “has awakened people there might be some discontent.” But Huckabee warned the GOP to not “get too giddy” because now Obama will probably be re-elected:

HUCKABEE: I want to be careful to not let Republicans get a little too giddy about this. Here’s the fact. I think that this was the beginning of the end of the Democratic domination of Congress. But let me go out on a limb tonight, Greta, and tell you that this is probably the beginning of the reelection of Barack Obama because he’s going to have to make course corrections that will likely put him in a much better position in his reelection bid than he would have been had he continued on this Pelosi/Reid-led disastrous trip off the cliff.

Watch it:

Voters “have fallen out of love with the Democrats,” Rep. Adam Putnam (R-FL) told Politico. “They haven’t yet fallen back in love with us.”