Steele on whether he’ll rein in his gaffes: ‘Oh, no. Accidents happen baby.’

michael-steeleMichael Steele’s tenure as Republican National Committee chairman has come with considerable controversy, particularly his frequent verbal slip-ups that have even angered many in his own party. In fact, Steele recently said he didn’t think the GOP could win back majorities in Congress this year, which led one top congressional Republican aide to quip in response that the GOP wants to keep him “out of sight, out of mind.” But it appears that Steele doesn’t seem too concerned about making any future gaffes:

Sometimes it’s deliberate. Sometimes it’s accidental,” he said of discussing his penchant for pushing the rhetorical envelope. “I’m a very passionate guy. Sometimes I’ll push the envelope because I want to get a rise, I want to see if you’re paying attention. But then I realize, oh gee, they’re more focused on me as opposed to the problem I was trying to highlight. […]

When asked if he would work to avoid the sometimes accidental rhetoric that causes him and his aides occasional heartache, he said, “Oh, no. Accidents happen, baby.”

Steele has previously claimed that his unwelcome outbursts were all part of his grand plan. After attacking Rush Limbaugh (and then later apologizing), Steele said it was “all strategic.” “There is a rationale, there’s a logic behind it,” he said.