Rep. Deal says he’s not questioning Obama’s ‘legitimacy’ while asking for his birth certificate.

While most right-wing public officials do not endorse the “birther” theory that President Obama was secretly born in Kenya, a handful of conservative leaders continue to demand that Obama release his long-form birth certificate, throwing fuel on the conspiracy fires. One such official is Rep. Nathan Deal (R-GA), who is also running for governor of the state of Georgia. At a recent event hosted by the Georgia Christian Alliance, Deal was asked about his letter to the President asking him for his birth certificate. The congressman responded that while he’s “not questioning” the president’s “legitimacy to serve,” he still wants Obama to show his birth certificate:

DEAL: Well, I think it is a communication that, uh, deserves at least his response, first of all, which we have not received. But in essence what I have told him is this. When I am asked by opponents or constituents hard questions, I don’t shy away from those questions. I try to answer those questions. If I don’t have the information to answer hard questions, I have to go to people who have the answers. What I have asked him to do is tell me where I can ask my constituents to go to see authentic documentation that he says satisfy their curiosity … I know some folks will try to label this as ‘politically incorrect.’ Let me tell you something, political correctness is paralyzing our society. These kinds of things deserve straightforward responses. I think this ought to be put to rest. I’m not questioning his legitimacy to serve as President. I would think he’d like to clear this up in as unequivocal fashion as possible. That’s all I’m asking him to do.

Watch it:

Georgia bloggers on the left and right who are fed up with Deal’s pandering to conspiracy theorists have started their own campaign to demand that Deal show his constituents his birth certificate (they are calling themselves the “proofers“). Georgia Liberal writes, “We have asked him, his Congressional Office, and his Campaign for proof that he is a resident of the state and meets the qualifications to be Governor … And still nothing. … Georgia Liberal does not shy away from the ‘hard questions.'”