Cheney criticizes Sarah Palin for suggesting a ‘war on Iran’ could win Obama reelection.

Last week, during a 25-minute interview with Fox News’s Chris Wallace, former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin said that she thinks Obama could win reelection if he “played the war card” by starting a “war on Iran.” Today, during an interview on ABC’s This Week, none other than former Vice President Cheney slammed Palin — whom he reportedly had referred to as a “reckless choice” for vice president — saying that he doesn’t think a president “can make a judgement like that on the basis of politics“:

CHENEY: I don’t think a president can make a judgment like that on the basis of politics. The stakes are too high, the consequences too significant to be treating those as simple political calculations

Watch it:

Besides apparently being more hawkish than Cheney, Palin’s record on Iran has been far from exemplary. Late last year, Palin mistook Iraq for Iran when she suggested that the U.S. has to crack down on Iraq to prevent nuclear war in Iran. In 2008, Palin appeared to claim that the U.S. needs to “win” the non-existent war with Iran.