‘Impeach Obama’ billboard ‘not meant to allege any impeachable offense.’

impeach-obamaWisconsin newspaper The Northwestern reports that a local company recently rented a billboard calling for President Obama’s impeachment. The billboard, which is located on highway 41, reads, “Impeach Obama: America’s Small businesses are failing; help us spread the message.” However, a lawyer representing the company admitted that Obama has committed no impeachable offense:

It was paid for by an unnamed company represented by Tom Wroblewski. In a memo to the media Monday, Wroblewski said the company’s sentiment is that Washington politics are bad for small businesses. He says despite the billboard’s language, he’s not suggesting Obama committed an impeachable offense.

“The company (that paid for the billboard) is supported by a number of area businessmen who are concerned about tax and spend politics. The billboard is not meant to allege any impeachable offense has been committed; It is simply an expression of frustration by my client that politics in Washington should change to better support small businesses,” Wroblewski said in a written statement.

After receiving a number of complaints, Wroblewski tried to defect any criticism saying “it’s nothing personal.” “We represent a group of small-business owners” and “organized the company and solicited the contract on their behalf,” he said, adding, “My instructions from my clients are not to disclose their identity.” The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that the billboard, which went up on Thursday, will stay there “for at least six months, at a cost of $1,000 a month.”