CPAC Speakers Bash Obama’s Use Of A Teleprompter — While Standing In Front Of A Teleprompter

Picking up Sarah Palin’s lead, this morning’s speakers at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) repeatedly made fun of President Obama and his use of teleprompters. Many conservatives apparently haven’t gotten tired of this well-worn, hollow joke, with conference attendees laughing and applauding each time:

— “We were watching all the images of that winter weather — this extraordinary blizzard — that even impacted government. … The President couldn’t find anywhere to set up a teleprompter to announce new taxes.” — Florida U.S. Senate candidate Marco Rubio

— “I think we’ve confirmed you can’t govern from a teleprompter.” — Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC)

Ironically, DeMint and Rubio were standing in front of a teleprompter…while they were bashing Obama’s teleprompter. (Although it did not appear they were actually reading their speech off of the device.) Here’s a picture of Rubio:

Marcio Rubio with a teleprompter

At the start of the conference, American Conservative Union Chairman David Keene conceded that yes, CPAC did have a teleprompter this year for its speakers to use — a nod to “modernity” — but quickly added that he isn’t into this “new technology” and doesn’t use it. He called it the “Barack Obama Honorary Teleprompter.” Watch it:

The irony of today’s situation wasn’t lost on all conservatives. On Twitter, the National Review’s Kathryn Jean Lopez said that she’s had enough of these teleprompter jokes, writing, “I’ve heard at least three teleprompter jokes already. In front of a teleprompter. Godspeed to the man who uses the teleprompter. … My patience may be exhausted for teleprompter jokes. Especially because some has got to be using it.” (HT: Peter Hamby)


RedState.com blogger Erick Erickson also made a teleprompter joke today,saying that the first step to “saving freedom through technology” is taking away Obama’s teleprompter so “he can’t speak for the next few days. … Render him as mute as Rahm Emanuel was when his middle finger got cut off.” Watch it:

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,FreedomWorks head Dick Armey also made fun of teleprompters today: “By the way, what are these things? I always thought if you knew what you were talking about and had something in your heart to say, you didn’t need them.”

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