Dick Cheney makes surprise appearance at CPAC to chants of ‘Cheney! Cheney! Cheney!’

Today, Liz Cheney delivered her scheduled address at CPAC. At the conclusion of it, she delivered a surprise announcement that she had brought her father along. As Dick Cheney strode on stage, the crowd went nuts, cheering wildly, and chanting “Cheney! Cheney! Cheney!” The former vice president teased the crowd, “A welcome like that is almost enough to make me want to run for office again.” After a sustained applause, Cheney said, “But I’m notta gonna do it.” Watch it:

Last November, a Washington Post survey of Republicans found that only one person (out of 804) cited Cheney as the best reflection of the Republican Party’s principles. But Cheney appears to be experiencing a surge of popularity among conservatives. Politico’s Ben Smith reported that a conservative activist named Chris Barron is organizing a write-in vote for the Cheney at the CPAC straw poll. The vice president has enjoyed strong support among the CPAC-goers in the past. In 2008, the crowd roared when President Bush told them that Cheney was “the best Vice President in history.”