‘Impeach Obama’ Advocate At CPAC Concedes Movement Is Based Largely On ‘Policy Differences’

Yesterday at CPAC, ThinkProgress spoke with the Western Center for Journalism‘s Caleb Heimlich, who was advocating on behalf of the “Impeach Obama” campaign being run by the Policy Issues Institute. We asked Heimlich what the campaign is about:

HEIMLICH: Basically the gist of our case is that Gerald Ford said “an impeachable offense is anything that Congress says it is.” And so our argument is that…Obama is not living up to the Constitution and therefore if you can prove that, he can be impeached.

Heimlich cited the auto bailouts, health care reform, and the stimulus as the specific reasons for impeaching President Obama, arguing that the Constitution does not give that authority. ThinkProgress then pointed out that it would be Congress, not the President, that would pass health care reform (and passed the Recovery Act). “That is a good point,” Heimlich conceded.

He later acknowledged that he and his supporters want to throw Obama out of office based on policy disagreements:

TP: So basically, what you’re saying is your grounds for impeachment is based on your differences in – the policy differences that you have with the President and the Democrats in Congress.

HEIMLICH: Partially. It’s based on the policy differences with regards to the Constitution. We believe that if something is not constitutional, the Constituion is there for a reason. We believe that if you’re not following the Constitution then you’re not fulling your oath of office and you shouldn’t be there.

Watch the interview:

ThinkProgress asked if the “Impeach Obama” movement is garnering any support at CPAC. “It’s a mixed bag,” Heimlich conceded. “There’s not 100 percent acceptance here.”