Global warming denier Sarah Palin to appear at ‘Oil Palace’ in Texas.

palinbootsSarah Palin will soon take her rightful place as the queen of the Oil Palace. Event organizers in Tyler, TX announced that Palin will be speaking at the 60,000 square foot arena on June 24, following earlier appearances by her Fox News colleagues Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck. In fact, “people who have tickets for Beck, who is coming to the Oil Palace April 24, will have priority in buying tickets for Palin’s appearance.” It’s a fitting venue for Palin, who has referred to global warming science as “snake oil.” This morning, Palin doubled down with this Facebook posting:

The man-made global warming hysteria isn’t based on sound science, and the Obama administration’s energy policy isn’t based on sound economics. If the climategate revelations teach us anything, it’s that we need to cool down the rhetoric and fire up our common sense.

That’s the kind of rhetoric that seems fitting for the Oil Palace.