Tea Party organizer says she didn’t really want to kill lawmaker: ‘Nobody had a rope to hang Patty Murray.’

Last Saturday, a tea party gathering in Asotin County, Washington “turned more than a bit ugly” when an identified female speaker called for Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) to be hanged. Dianne Capps, a local organizer of the Lewis & Clark Tea Party Patriots, has since confessed to being the speaker who made those remarks. Capps “initially denied to The Associated Press that she was the speaker.” But on Thursday night, she acknowledged she was, but claimed that the rest of the statement was that she wanted to “hang Patty Murray, by vote.” However, local news station KLEW said the unedited footage from the rally contains no statement from Capps about hanging Murray with votes. Watch KLEW’s initial report:

Capps suggested that it was obvious she was being sarcastic about literally hanging Murray. “Nobody had a rope to hang Patty Murray,” she explained.