Puppet cleavage too hot for the religious right in Colorado Springs.

Avenue Q Avenue Q is a Tony-winning musical about people and puppets trying to find their way in New York City. Though inspired by the style of Sesame Street, the show deals with “adult situations” like sex and drinking, and one of its most popular songs is “The Internet is for Porn.” The musical is now coming to conservative Colorado Springs, but a billboard executive in the city has banned a promotional poster showing puppet cleavage because the company wants to take a more “conservative approach.” Colorado Springs is home to right-wing organizations like Focus on the Family and has become “a base from which the evangelical movement launches initiatives that affect civic life across the nation.” Disgraced pastor Ted Haggard, for example, set up his megachurch there. The ad that will instead be running in Colorado Springs shows the face of a blue puppet named Rod — a Republican who is a closeted gay puppet in love with his best friend.


The site Momlogic writes, “Hold the phone people. If we’re going to start censoring puppet’s naughty pillows (ironically made out of some of the same materials as actual pillows), there is another culprit that’s been appealing to our prurient interests since 1969. Kermit the Frog has been appearing sans clothes for decades. Hope he’s not planning a vacation to Colorado Springs anytime soon, or they’ll run his little green ass out of town!”

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