Sen. Lamar Alexander’s own website shows his flip-flopping on the jobs bill.

Yesterday, the Senate passed a $15 billion jobs bill in a 70-28 vote, with 13 Republicans joining all but one Democrat. The vote occurred only because, on Monday night, five Republicans joined the same group of Democrats in order to invoke cloture and overcome a filibuster. As ThinkProgress documented, six Republicans changes their votes on the bill, switching from a nay vote (or an absent vote) to a yea vote. One of them was Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN). Matt Yglesias notices that Alexander’s own website highlight press releases that nicely capture his flip-flop (note: the “HIRE Act” and the Reid bill are the same thing):

press releases

Alexander had also voted to sustain a Republican objection on a point of order before proceeding to the final vote, but said he voted for final passage because the bill was “modest.”