Ultimate Fox News revisionism: ‘What used to be called the nuclear option’ is now ‘called reconciliation.’


As ThinkProgress has noted, conservatives — especially Fox News — have been trying to re-brand the long-standing Senate process known as reconciliation as the “nuclear option” — a term that came into prominence when Republicans threatened to unilaterally change the rules of the Senate in 2005 to prohibit the filibuster on judicial nominations. The right wing’s revision of the terminology hit an apex yesterday when Fox News’ Gregg Jarrett declared that “reconciliation” is a “warm and fuzzy phrase” that has been recently coined to change the name of “what used to be called the nuclear option.” “Only in Washington would they do that,” said Jarrett. Watch it:

Jarrett’s not one of Fox’s opinion commentators and is presented as a a straight news anchor. That he’s misleading his audience about reconciliation isn’t surprising though. Even the man that Fox points to to defend its claim of being an objective news outlet, Special Report’s Bret Baier, is falsely conflating the terms. In an interview on Steve Malzberg’s radio show last week, Baier said, “reconciliation or the nuclear option … people aren’t calling it the nuclear option” but “it’s exactly what it is.”